As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have your Business needs covered.

To support Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV we have Jet Reports for Business Intelligence, Spindle for Electronic Document Distribution, Continia for Document & Expense Management, a range of eCommerce options including SANA, Exelsys for human capital management, Netstock for inventory management, the hugely flexible MobileNAV, and our own tried and tested 365BC/NAV Payroll.


Business Central Addins

Jet Reports

Powerful Business Intelligence Reports and Dashboards

JET Reports is an easy to use reporting tool which accesses all your 365 Business Central or NAV business data and allows you to create powerful reports and dashboards.

Once created, these reports can be scheduled to run when it suits you and can be distributed by email to users inside and outside of the company. If a number needs explanation, one-click lets you drill down to the underlying data in Business Central and NAV.


  • An Excel interface that’s highly intuitive and familiar to users
  • Designed for NAV so no long and complex setups
  • Delivered with easy-to-use wizards to get you started quickly
  • Schedule and distribute reports right into a recipients’ in-box
  • Drill down from JET to the live data in NAV

As an authorised JET Reports Partner since 2012, Turnkey have helped our customers build 100s of reports and dashboards. Training is delivered in workshops focused on helping users build reports that present the information and KPIs you need to better manage the wealth of data generated by your NAV system.  Learn more.


Spindle Document Distribution

Easily manage your outgoing documents

Spindle Document Distribution integrates with many ERP and accounting systems including Business Central and NAV.

Send all your invoices, remittance advice, purchase orders or any other outgoing document automatically as an email PDF with a personalised email message, with savings on postage, printing documents as well as the time required to compile postal envelopes. Learn more.


  • Easily manage document layouts in Microsoft Word
  • Personalise the accompanying email
  • Avoid costly postage and printing costs
  • Attach key additional documents such as promotional material or important safety instructions
  • In a single print run generate emails, faxes or printed documents as set by the recipients’ preferences
  • Minimise your carbon footprint

Turnkey has been an Authorised Spindle Solutions Partner since 2011. Every day 100s of our delighted customers employ Spindle to minimise costs, maximise efficiencies and deliver high-quality business documents to their customers and suppliers at the touch of a button.

Try out our useful ROI calculator to show how quickly Spindle will pay for itself


Continia Document Capture, Output & Expenses Management

Intuitive Document Capture, Output and Expenses that work… simply!

Take scanned or emailed documents such as purchase invoices, and let Continia identify the document and supplier information to post the details automatically into Business Central or Dynamics NAV.

Once captured, a workflow manages the authorisation process. New documents are scanned, key fields automatically identified and matched to the appropriate accounting fields in your system.


  • Designed for and fully integrated within 365BC (on-prem) and NAV
  • No rekeying of data, simply use drag and drop
  • Learns once and remembers documents going forward
  • Adds scanned invoices into the authorisation flow
  • Matches details to purchase order
  • Scanned document attached to the accounting record
  • Documents text fully searchable
  • Not just for purchase documents
  • Online portal for authorisation via the web, or authorize within your system

As one of Continia’s main Authorised Document Capture partners, Turnkey leads the way in implementing this solution in Scotland. Our fully trained document capture consultants can deliver these solutions while also extending its capabilities across your business. Note, note all features are available within Business Central SAAS.

Watch the video here

Continia Document Capture

Continia Expense Management

Keep track of all expenses and travel costs in a simple-to-use smartphone app.


  • Designed for and fully integrated within 365BC (on-prem) and NAV
  • Scan expense vouchers as you go and attribute them to projects
  • Calculate mileage to and from clients or across a road trip covering multiple client visits
  • Import credit card expenses and match automatically with relevant vouchers
  • Online portal for authorisation via the web, or authorise within your system

Watch the video here

Continia Expense Management


Continia Document Output

Automate the process of distributing documents to customers and other external business partners.


  • Designed for and fully integrated within 365BC (on-prem) and NAV
  • Ten pre-built templates include Statements (with open invoices/credit notes), delivery notes, sales invoices & credit, quotes, POs
  • Design your own or modify existing templates
  • Auto email and print (for those who prefer to receive the document by post), all in one pass
  • Very competitive pricing adds to massive saving on postal charges and fast ROI

Watch the video here –  click below

Continia Document Output

eCommerce Solutions

We have a number of eCommerce solutions depending on your particular requirements.


SANA is the recognised leading eCommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV customers, with over 800 sites across the world. Installation from start to finish is possible in 10 days, which is one reason SANA is so popular. SANA also puts control of the site within Business Central, so there’s no complex web language to understand.


  • Fully integrated within Business Central and NAV, meaning BC or NAV is the driver for the site
  • Over 800 successful BC/NAV eCommerce sites
  • Real-time integration with your back office for B2B business
  • For B2C sites, scheduled synchronisation ensures maximum performance
  • Sites up and running in two weeks
  • SANA is certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV

Turnkey is delighted to be one of SANA’s UK based partners. Our consultants and developers have worked with SANA for many years overseeing the implementation of a great number of successful eCommerce sites. Talk to us about how you could be up and running inside two weeks.

You can also talk to us about integrating your existing website into Business Central. We have a range of clients using other solutions from providers such as Magento, BC to Net and Visualsoft.


When you want access to all areas of NAV on a mobile device – PDA, Smartphone, Tablet (even when there’s no signal!)


The standard Business Central/NAV client includes web, tablet and smartphone options. However, these assume a strong signal is available to the user. Where users may be working in remote areas, the MobileNAV add-in allows relevant data to be downloaded before heading off. This might be details of service jobs or sales calls. The data can then be accessed and updated in the field despite any lack of a signal. Once a signal is re-established, the data will re-sync automatically with the head office Business Central/NAV system.

MobileNAV has a number of features ensuring it provides an additional level of functionality above the standard Business Central / NAV remote access clients.


  • Configurable screens created within Business Central / NAV
  • Access all areas of Business Central / NAV
  • Works on or offline e.g. if a mobile signal is lost MobileNAV will retain the data and resync once the signal is re-acquired
  • Works on most devices – PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, PDA (including Blackberry)
  • Very cost-effective

A number of our customers use this solution for engineers and salespeople working out of the office, or for warehouse staff managing goods in/out and tracking inventory around the warehouse.

As a key Scottish partner for MobileNAV we have experience of successfully implementing the solution in a number of businesses where it has quickly proved its worth.

Dynamics BC/NAV Payroll Solution

A Payroll Built with BC/NAV for BC/NAV

Turnkey’s Dynamics 365BC/NAV Payroll

Our well-proven, payroll solution is in use for 100’s of weekly and monthly-paid Directors, Managers and Staff in companies across the UK.

The previous NAV 2017 version is tested and certified by HMRC (see for online submissions.


  • Fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics BC/NAV
  • Weekly and Monthly Paids
  • Online submissions
  • Full integration allows single input of time entries to payroll and jobs/projects
  • Year-end reporting
  • Cancel and re-calculate individual payslips
  • Retrieve any payslip and reprint


Graphical resource planning and scheduling tool

Dime.Scheduler easily lets you allocate resources to a task or project. “Resource” is a general term for people and equipment: people are assigned to perform certain tasks and equipment is assigned to allow people to perform the tasks assigned to them.

People can be service technicians, salespersons, help desk employees, consultants etc. Examples of equipment are machinery, tools, replacement vehicles, hotel rooms, and office & exhibition material.

Tasks are actions that need to be carried out and they can range from a simple phone call to a maintenance job to a large machinery installation or even construction that spans several days or months.

Multiple resources of various types can be assigned to the same task, at the same time, at different times and at overlapping times.

Key features include:

  • Graphical plan board with multiple views
  • Drag & drop planning
  • Allocation to multiple resources
  • Smart resource filtering with Filter Groups
  • Multiple plan boards with segregation of roles and responsibilities
  • Integrated multi-point geo-mapping
  • Gantt Chart powered Project Planning
  • Data-driven setup and security
  • Task colour, time marker and priority based on task data