JET GLOBAL – made for 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV


Create powerful reports and dashboards by adding Jet Global to your solution. Jet offers a combination of Jet Reports, Jet Analytics and Jet Hub, a central hub to allow better collaboration and data control.

Once created, these reports can be scheduled to run when it suits you and can be distributed by email to users inside and outside of the company. If a number needs explanation, one click lets you drill down to the underlying data in Business Central / Dynamics NAV.


  • An Excel interface that’s highly intuitive and familiar to users
  • Designed for Business Central / NAV so no long and complex setups
  • Delivered with easy-to-use wizards to get you started quickly
  • Schedule and distribute reports right into a recipients’ in-box
  • Drill down from JET to the live data in Business Central / NAV

As an authorised JET Reports Elite Partner since 2012, Turnkey has helped our customers build 100s of reports and dashboards. Training is delivered in workshops focused on helping users build reports that present the information and KPIs you need to better manage the wealth of data generated by your Business Central / NAV system.

Learn more about using Jet Analytics with Microsoft Power BI in our latest blog.


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Jet Analytics: Corporate BI and Reporting from Anywhere

Bring all your data together in one place to build fast, flexible reports, dashboards, and KPIs that impact operational performance. Check out how Jet Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics can help you maximize ROI and capitalize on your data.


Using Power BI With Jet Analytics (InsightSoftware)


Power BI offers great data visualisation tools. To take full advantage of those tools, you will want to ensure that the data you are using is in the best format for those tools.

The Jet Analytics OLAP Cubes and Data Warehouse make using Power BI easy and powerful.

During this live partner webinar with InsightSoftware, we’ll show you how to use your Jet Analytics solution to quickly create new Power BI dashboards from scratch and access the library of our Power BI templates.

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