Send all your invoices, remittance advice, purchase orders or any other outgoing document automatically as an email PDF with a personalised email message, with saving on postage, printing documents as well as the time required to compile postal envelopes.


  • Easily manage document layouts in Microsoft Word
  • Personalise the accompanying email
  • Avoid costly postage and printing costs
  • Attach key additional documents such as promotional material or important safety instructions
  • In a single print run generate emails, faxes or printed documents as set by the recipients’ preferences
  • Minimise your carbon footprint

Turnkey has been an Authorised Spindle Solutions Partner since 2011. Every day 100s of our delighted Business Central/NAV users employ Spindle to minimise costs, maximise efficiencies and deliver high-quality business documents to their customers and suppliers at the touch of a button.