The standard Business Central/NAV client includes web, tablet and smartphone options. However, these assume a strong signal is available to the user. Where users may be working in remote areas, the MobileNAV add-in allows relevant data to be downloaded before heading off. This might be details of service jobs or sales calls. The data can then be accessed and updated in the field despite any lack of a signal. Once a signal is re-established, the data will re-sync automatically with the head office BC/NAV system.

MobileNAV has a number of features ensuring it provides an additional level of functionality above the standard BC/NAV remote access clients.


  • Configurable screens created within BC/NAV
  • Access all areas of BC/NAV
  • Works on or offline e.g. if a mobile signal is lost MobileNAV will retain the data and resync once the signal is re-acquired
  • Works on most devices – PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, PDA (including Blackberry)
  • Very cost-effective

A number of our customers use this solution for engineers and salespeople working out of the office, or for warehouse staff managing goods in/out and tracking inventory around the warehouse.

As a key Scottish partner for MobileNAV, we have experience of successfully implementing the solution in a number of businesses where it has quickly proved its worth.