With its convenient features, our Builders’ Merchant Solution is equally suited to large, small, single and multi-site businesses.

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Business software problems we solve

Our solution addresses all of these common industry questions:

  • Can we process customer, cash and credit accounts through our counter EPOS tills?
  • Some customers pay by cash, others by credit card and some use a combination. Can we handle that?
  • We need to capture signatures for proof of collection… at the front desk. Can we?
  • Can we quickly search our stock and see what’s available?
  • Customers pay different prices for the same products, or for different volumes. Is that OK?
  • Can we monitor who’s buying what and who’s stopped buying?
  • Who are our most profitable customers and which are our best-performing products?
  • We have an offer, can we quickly text message the relevant customers to let them know?


  • One system handling EPOS sales, purchasing, stock and financials
  • Back to back ordering
  • Handling cash, credit card and customer account sales through a single interface
  • No need to link to 3rd party systems
  • An all-in-one solution that works out of the box.

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