If you’re a busy event management company Microsoft Dynamics NAV ensures your admin team can keep on top of all aspects of a project.

Whether it’s a rock concert, business exhibition or high-end corporate dinner, our Events Management Solution will work for you.

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Business software problems we solve

Our solution addresses all of these common industry questions:

  • Can we control all the income and expenditure on our events? 

  • And committed costs?

  • Will it work for concerts and exhibitions and dinners?

  • Can we link to our ticketing systems?

  • What about staff hours and ad-hoc expenses, will they be captured?

  • We need to calculate the fee due to the agent, and transfer the money immediately can we do that? 

  • Is the event profitable enough to support that payment? 

  • How profitable was the event? 

  • What were the terms on the event and has the correct deposit invoice been raised?
  • Has it been paid?

  • Does it all integrate to a proper accounting system?


  • Profitability to date

  • Payments made to date

  • Costs incurred to date

  • Up-to-date ticket sales

  • Full integration with 3rd party solutions including Artifax, Dynamics CRM & ENTA

From a single screen, the event manager has an overview of all income and expenditure for each event with a full drill down to underlying transactions.

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