Managing timber as a raw material can be a tricky process.

The raw material may be a forest, a log that’s part the way through the sawmill, or cut wood which is waiting to be further cross cut or moved into a treatment tank or kiln. At each stage the status of the inventory changes, and it must be managed.

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Business software problems we solve

Our solution addresses all of these common industry questions:

  • Can we track the log from harvesting in the forest right through to end product?
  • If a customer asks for cut and treated timber, can we tell them when it’s available?
  • Can my successful contract bid create the contract card and let me know how profitable it is?
  • Can we self-bill the supplier, the harvester and the haulier, automatically?
  • We have a number of different weighbridges, can we connect to them automatically?
  • Can we use handheld devices to manage stock movement?
  • What about conversions? Cross cuts?
  • I’d like to know what’s still in the forest, what’s in the yard, what’s in the mill, what’s in treatment… is that all doable?


Our solution puts all of this into one product, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, incorporating all of our modules for the timber industry. Today, we are recognised in the UK and Ireland for the quality of our solution with links to industry bodies such as Coillte providing huge logistical benefits to our customers.

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