As you know, controlling costs across the business and supply chain is key to improving gross margin and profitability.

It’s almost always easier to drive up profits by eliminating unnecessary costs, than by selling more products. Our Manufacturing Solution can help as part of an overall drive towards ‘lean manufacturing’ and the control of costs.

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Business software problems we solve

Our solution addresses all of these common industry questions:

  • How can we control inventory as we often have too much or it’s in the wrong place and not matched to demand?
  • Can our production team have immediate access to engineering changes so that we can avoid rework or scrap?
  • Can we have access to information from previous projects so that we can speed up design work on current projects?
  • Our customers are unhappy because the company can’t meet promised delivery dates, how can the system help?
  • Will the system stop us placing new orders with suppliers when inventory is available?
  • We waste so much time re-scheduling production through lack of information… will the system give us timely information so we can achieve optimum scheduling?
  • Is there a better way to respond to requests for quotation (RFQs)? These take up resources and take us far too long.


  • Advanced manufacturing modules integrated within standard NAV
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Visual Job Scheduling
  • Quality Management

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