With its convenient features our Potato Merchant’s Solution brings massive efficiencies to companies involved in developing and supplying high grade seed potatoes.

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Business Software problems we solve

Our solution addresses all of these common industry questions:

  • What products/varieties/grades do we have? And what will we have in 3 months, 6 months…?
  • How much do we need and when do we need it?
  • What’s the product history?
  • What chemicals or treatments have been applied?
  • How quickly can we instruct that the crop be lifted?
  • Can we instruct with an SMS message?
  • Can we self-bill and save time for our accounts team?
  • Are we still making a margin on the contract or should we be adjusting prices?


  • Back to back ordering
  • Bag purchasing and control
  • Label and manage specific customer instructions on issues like dressings
  • Ability to click onto the system and immediately see all the latest contract and stock positions

Our Potato Merchant Solution enables a high level of trading confidence.

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