With the release of the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV – NAV2015, we have seen a plethora of new apps.

Free Apps? Free Apps? Well, almost. So long as you buy Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

As users become more and more tech savvy and move towards greater use of smartphones and tablets, their expectations of what’s on offer from software resellers continues to evolve. As a software company, our lifeblood is new business. However, the current user base expects on-going proactive consulting and advice from Turnkey.

Mainly we’re asked “What additional products are available that work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and can make our lives easier?”

We like to answer the question before it’s asked. In the last year we’ve suggested products for visual planning; improved reporting with KPIs and dashboards; automating the electronic distribution of documents out to business partners; and the automation of documents received into the company.

Here’s more on the iPad app from the guys at msdynamicsworld.com:

“Get visibility into every angle of your business using the Role Centre. Tap to drill into details about your customers, vendors, inventory, or any other data from Dynamics NAV. Quickly create invoices and quotes, and email them with just a few taps.”


The apps are free, but won’t be of much use without NAV 2015.  The list of features includes:


– Get an overview of your business in the Role Centre.

– Tap and swipe to get to your data and drill down into details.

– Search across all columns in a list.

– Send lists to Microsoft Excel or Office 365.

– Shoot pictures using the camera on your mobile device and upload them to Dynamics NAV.

– Rotate your device to get an overview of your data or focus on content.


So, we offer 3rd party applications, which do a pretty sophisticated job for our NAV customers, but they come with a price tag. With the release of NAV2015, we are witnessing the release of apps that can be downloaded from the various app stores such as iTunes, Google Play and the Windows store. And, not surprisingly, customers don’t expect to be paying much (if anything) for these apps.

And they are. Free, that is. And looking very useful.


And what’s also very interesting is that many of the 3rd party applications we mentioned above are also available for free. Check out the Jet Reports app for example.

It’s consumer time, so enjoy it.


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Post by Stephen Malloy

Stephen has now retired from the business in 2019 but continues to assist in an occasional advisory capacity.