Written by a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience of implementing ERP solutions, our updated Business Advisers Guide is now available. And it’s free!

Updates include advice for those considering the current “cloud v on-premise” debate.

This guide was originally written to assist business advisers such as accountants, IT consultants and local enterprise companies advise their clients who might be considering investing in a new or updated ERP system.

However, its contents are just as relevant to an individual or business managing the selection process themselves.

Areas covered in the guide include:

  • The Selection Process;
  • Ballpark Costs;
  • Implementation;
  • Things you, and your client, should check out; and
  • New technologies worth considering.

The object of the guide is to help you avoid the many mistakes that people make when investing in a new ERP system and to offer tips on how you can save money.

Please use our contact form to request your free copy of this valuable guide.

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Post by Stephen Malloy

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