Mobility remains a big issue for our Dynamics NAV customers. In current versions, we can provide users access through browsers to web pages created specifically to offer data and the ability to update or amend it.

For a more sophisticated experience, we have sites using MobileNAV, a clever application that provides access to ALL of your NAV data whatever the mobile solution you’re using – smartphone, tablet or laptop.


The pluses are –

  • It will continue to operate when you lose your phone signal and then will resync once it returns.
  • The application is fully modifiable, allowing our NAV developers to make changes, add new functionality and new data fields to the system to suit the client needs. As ever, this is what NAV is all about… meeting the unique needs of clients and addressing them. MobileNAV continues this tradition.

We are about to roll out MobileNAV for an engineering client to manage customer site visits and hope to write up a case study on their experiences shortly.


Meantime, the advent of Dynamics NAV 2016 opens up some intriguing possibilities.

With this release, Microsoft are adding a Phone App client to the existing Windows, Web Browser and Tablet clients. Supporting Apples iOS and Googles Android operating systems as well as Windows Phone , it will allow you as easy access to your NAV system as you’ve had from your tablet since 2015 came out.

With a redesigned interface that best utilises a screen of approximately 6 inches high by 4 inches wide, it displays the same information as your core system but rearranged to better fit the interface.


So, if you run Dynamics NAV, why would you not put it on your phone? You might not use it to enter masses of information but just giving you the ability to look up a customer’s balance or a quantity in stock from anywhere whenever you want will prove useful.

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Post by Stephen Malloy

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