Goodbye 2017, that was quite a year.

As we approach the end of 2017, it provides an opportunity to ponder the highs and lows of the last 12 months.


Our financial year ended on 30th June and was our best performance ever in terms of both turnover and profitability. Credit must go to the great NAV delivery team we have who worked their socks off to see new systems implemented and existing systems extended, while keeping a high level of customer support in place.


With new NAV developers joining as well as experienced NAV consultants, we have ensured that we keep pace with this growth. But we’re not resting on our laurels. A new NAV consultant with considerable experience of the timber industry joins us in January and we have two further members planned for the first half of 2018.


The number of new customers has taken our user licence base to well over 2,000 which is a phenomenal declaration of faith in Turnkey’s ability to deliver solutions. With a number of major new prospects in the pipeline, we see no sign of the pace slackening.

Directions EMEA – Madrid 4th to 6th October

The major event of the year was Direction EMEA – a three day celebration of all that is NAV which let nearly 100 developers showcase some fantastic products that work with NAV. We have benefitted hugely from tie ups with Multisoft and their MobileNAV products and JET Reports who continue to dominate the BI marketplace.

Continia have some top of the range solutions for managing documents, expenses and eCommerce platforms and we’ve seen many customer embrace their products. We’re also working with other long-term NAV players such as To-Increase whose range of add-ins for the manufacturing and food industries have opened up many great opportunities for Turnkey.

More about these products can be found here


Lows? Well, not too many to upset us. Confusion around the appearance of the NAV edition of Dynamics 365 reigned for a time. Then, the full-on marketing of it and cloud as almost being the only game in town caused some headaches. All of this caused a slight blip in the onwards and upwards trajectory of NAV as businesses suddenly paused to assess whether this was the way forward for a new or updated solution.


Our experience has been that not all businesses want their data in the cloud and it’s not always the best place for them. So, while embracing the cloud opportunity which partners such as 1ClickFactory offer to Turnkey, we’re still waiting for some of the dust to settle. The new release of Dynamics 365 (or Project Tenerife, or D365 Financials & Operations – Business Edition or…) planned for 1st March 2018 should bring some clarity.


What it has done is force NAV developers to confront the new technology of “extensions”. This is to make changes to NAV which can be easily unhooked while an update to NAV is performed and then re-attached. This addresses the hoary old chestnut oft thrown at NAV by competitors that “You’ll be stuck on an old version of NAV because of all the customisations!” This was always patent nonsense. Just consider the number of NAV upgrades we’ve done this year for a start… averaging one a month. But it does now provide an excellent response to the charge.

Payroll? Who mentioned payroll?

Payroll returned as a big issue in the NAV space when the most popular (or most used might better describe it!) payroll from Miracle was sold to Eque2, a NAV partner. Now, while I have no doubt that all the correct protocols will be put in place, when NAV partner A discovers that  NAV partner B is now looking after their customer’s payroll, that does cause some eyebrows to rise.  This might be a good time to mention our own Turnkey payroll, enhanced for NAV 2016, 17 and 18… could be worth a look? #justsaying

Check it out here


So, 2018 looks like continuing the remarkably successful journey which Turnkey set out on in 1996. That was the year we became one of the very first Authorised Navision Solution Centres. The product has served us and our customers extremely well and we look forward to growing that base in the year ahead.


Meantime, thanks to all our suppliers for their great support (special mention to Will and the team at QBS) and to our fantastic customers who make it all worthwhile. Have a nice festive break everyone.

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Post by Stephen Malloy

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