Accounting can be frustrating and complex, as your business grows your accounting software needs to be able to scale with you. Often when you start off with basic accounting software you have the time to tolerate the repetitive tasks that can be part of the growth journey.

When these tasks take hours rather than minutes – it’s time to consider a new solution to manage your complex accounting needs.

How to spot when your business has outgrown Quickbooks?

Identifying where the roadblocks are is the first step in making changes to the way you work. When your processes get more complex, with Quickbooks you may recognise these problems:

  • Your software crashes when you run too many transactions in a day
  • You can’t consolidate across entities, ledgers, or currencies
  • Your audit controls are limited and open the potential for users to manipulate data
  • Your inventory management system struggles to track supply and demand
  • You aren’t incredibly confident in your solution’s security measures
  • The program starts to lag as more users log on

Are you ready to scale your business?

Most businesses will experience issues as they scale and expand. Entering into new markets or selling new products can lead to a growing customer base. This creates fresh challenges and requirements that you may need more support managing, such as:

  • Handling multiple currencies
  • Tracking project costs
  • Predicting inventory across multiple locations
  • Sorting, managing, and analysing siloed data

So, you have your basic financial system and other software tools, maybe it’s time to consider an end to end business solution. This is where ERP comes in.

Connect your financials, sales, service, and operations like never before with Dynamics 365 Business Central from Microsoft.

For many small businesses, a key obstacle to growth is often deciding what to do next. Having a foundation you can build on is key. By taking a proactive long-term approach and implementing a scalable accounting solution that sits within ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a great start.

Investing in your business often requires growing your team but choosing the right software to support your business processes is a critical foundation for growth.

With Quickbooks, fixes and adding 3rd party add-ons may solve short-term issues – but if you continue to build on a weak foundation – then it’s only a matter of time before the quick fix may fail.

Business Central Mobile App

Run your entire business with a single solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central brings your core accounting and operations together in one simple unified solution. You’ll get:

  • Increased visibility of key financials, including real-time reporting
  • A holistic view of your stock & ability to optimise your supply chain
  • End to end management of your sales process within Outlook
  • Cloud or on-premises options
  • Efficient warehouse management capabilities

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