It’s been plain to see that Microsoft’s focus with NAV has been around usability, pushing into the cloud and last, but not least, opening the product up to mobile access.

Having a mobile solution is an important consideration for many business owners wanting to keep up to date on how the business is performing wherever they happen to be.

Hence the work done in introducing a specific ‘role’ for tablet users which ‘out of the box’ displays key management information such as cash flow, debtor days, overall profitability and trends on your mobile device.






The 3rd party market has responded quickly with JET Reports releasing their mobile edition for JET Enterprise. With a simple to use and intuitive interface, interest is already high from existing JET users.


JET Mobile2



For something that addresses the demand for wider access to all areas of NAV from almost any kind of mobile device, MobileNAV is making serious inroads into the UK market.

It could be sales teams updating quotes and contacts; engineers out on jobs or service contracts; consultants updating their time on projects; people in the warehouse moving inventory; or those in manufacturing updating production.

For every aspect of the business, there’s a high degree of mobile connectivity and processing available on tablets and smartphones.



Of added benefit is the capability of NAVMobile and NAV to work together in wonderful synergy using the dynamic scheduler from Dime. With this tool, drag n drop capability comes to NAV for putting resources into play.


All in all, these are clearly exciting and liberating times for the mobile user on Windows Mobile, Android and IOS.


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