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We all need good developers. But how do we get them?

From previous blogs, you’ll be aware that one of the major bottlenecks preventing business growth for Microsoft Dynamics NAV resellers is access to good NAV developers. Equally, many larger NAV customers have the same issue when they look to assume more in-house control of their Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

The development environment within NAV is a USP that no other accounting software product can match. It has been a major factor in fuelling the growth of NAV’s popularity around the world (130,000 sites and growing steadily when I last looked!). But we all need more trained developers.

Within the NAV community there is a strong feeling that we are not well served by training companies when it comes to developer courses. Many focus on the ‘boot camp’ approach as in “give us your soul for a week or two” and we’ll make sure you pass the exams. Others expect that a short sharp course can teach the basics and the poor student is let loose back into the market to wreak havoc.

Thus it was that a group of experienced NAV resellers sat down over a few days and devised the course that they wanted. It was to be delivered over multiple weeks. There would be gaps in between when the student could return to his or her office and do useful work. Gradually, with a combination of training on both hard and soft skills, the NAV developer we wanted would emerge.

With four highly successful courses under our belts already, we’re happy to launch the latest and upgraded version starting in September. You can read more about it here:

Next Generation NAV Developer Training



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