microsoft-logo-2012-signageThe Developer is key to the sustained growth of a NAV reseller. Here’s why.


What does a successful software solution provider like Turnkey need to maintain growth? The main requirements are all pretty obvious:

– A good sales team and a sales process that maintains a solid pipeline of work.

– Experienced consultants to scope and manage the delivery of the project.

– A mix of technical skills to enable development around NAV, Web, Integration to 3rd Party Products etc.

– Trainers who can make sure the client’s staff ‘get it’.

– Support staff to see the customer through the first few months of the system and, hopefully, respond to the odd query or development request going forward.

– Some visionary work to see where the product is going, what customers are demanding, what add-ins we should have, what training we should be doing etc.

– A well-funded environment that can take the odd dip in cash flows.


And, I’m sure there are a few others you might think of for yourself.


I sit on a panel of around 20 independent NAV partners from around the UK and we share concerns and debate these kinds of issues on a regular basis. The above probably summarises their opinions fairly accurately.


But, guess what exercises us the most?


Well, first you must understand that the beauty and the brilliance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the product’s development engine, giving resellers the capability to deliver anything from minor changes to complete new business processes. This power means that customers can end up with a truly vertical solution that addresses every one of their unique business requirements. The value, and the differentiator, that good developers can provide is therefore a fundamental cornerstone of any professional NAV reseller.


Hence, our number one problem is NAV developers – getting them, growing and nurturing them; and keeping them.


As a consequence, these guys and gals are the recruitment market’s number one target for picking up and moving from one reseller to another on as regular basis. Infuriating if you’ve spent time ‘developing’ the developer.


Meantime, there aren’t enough of them around to cope with current demand for NAV (more than 8,000 new sites in the last year) and the situation doesn’t look like changing any time soon.


So, what to do? Well, a few of the NAV partners got together and decided that we should ‘grow our own’. Between six of us, we set up a company called CPT Training Partners specifically to develop and deliver training which would ‘grow’ a whole new batch of NAV developers. The first course, six weeks of developer training spread over a 5 month period, has been run and proved hugely successful. So much so, that another course will be run in September. And we’re now looking at adding training for consultants.


If that’s of interest to you, get in touch.






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Post by Stephen Malloy

Stephen has now retired from the business in 2019 but continues to assist in an occasional advisory capacity.