Why you should consider upgrading from your legacy ERP system

Companies who continue to run legacy versions of older software lose out on the benefits and peace of mind that upgrading can bring them.

There are several risks associated with running an out of date solution. Businesses can mitigate these risks by considering moving to a modern system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Often companies will be running legacy systems on unsupported operating systems. These systems have a much higher risk of being infiltrated by hackers or viruses, this is because the operating system and ERP software are no longer updated and maintained and therefore become more vulnerable.

If you experience a security breach on an unsupported package, you will not be able to access help from the supplier. Therefore, choosing to upgrade can ensure your business remains up to date with the latest security patches, with cloud solutions like Business Central providing automatic updates.

Upgrading gives companies the benefit of knowing their systems and data are fully supported and maintained and that they are not open to the same security risks they are when using a legacy solution.


Legislation changes, for example, the Making Tax Digital VAT changes, will not be built into legacy systems and can leave businesses scrambling to find a suitable option to ensure they remain compliant.


Modern ERP solutions have sight of new legislation and will build it into new updates of the software. This helps to ensure users remain compliant and do not have to be subject to further costs to develop their legacy software or purchase another 3rd party product.


As systems become out of date, and the packages around them, e.g Outlook, Excel, continue to be updated, they can become incompatible and create inefficiencies within companies including duplication of work and speed issues.

With modern ERP, continuous updates ensure that this doesn’t happen, and that compatibility continues between versions allowing you to get the most out of all business applications.


Modern ERP solutions allow users to access the system from anywhere and at any time! A full cloud solution can be utilised anywhere with an internet connection. However, if you prefer to remain on-premise, up-to-date systems can also bring increased accessibility via app versions of the system. This brings great competences to companies moving from legacy systems.

Often only accessible on-site, or via a VPN, legacy systems do not offer users opportunities to access data quickly at their fingertips, risking companies becoming ‘one step behind’ their competitors. Increased accessibility can, therefore, bring competitive advantages to businesses, allowing them to increase productivity, efficiency and customer service.

Upgrading Dynamics NAV to Business Central FAQ



Business Central has been built with technology and innovation at its core. Housed within the Microsoft suite means compatibility across the Microsoft products, from email to power apps, integration is part of the design. They key thing to remind yourself is what do you want your ERP software to achieve?

Modern ERP systems offer built-in intelligence to help guide users to optimal outcomes. They also scale with your business as you expand into other markets, and help keep client and company data secure. Plus, a modern ERP platform goes even deeper into meeting your business needs by offering less costly customisation.

The ultimate goal should be to increase productivity which will drive efficiency and give you a clearer view of where processes could be streamlined further. It’s amazing how much time can be saved using automation, allowing your teams to focus on using intelligent reporting to make better business decisions.


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Post by Eilish Laidlaw

Eilish completed a graduate scheme in software consulting before moving into sales. Having worked across a variety of ERP solutions Eilish prides herself in helping customers find and make the most of the best software solutions for their business.