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At Turnkey, we like to let the customers decide if, and when, they should upgrade their NAV solution.

A useful comparative of the features available can be found here (click on the graphic):

Our ‘open day’ is an even better opportunity for our customers to hear about and try the latest version of NAV.

However, many customers may decide that another year on their current version suits them, often because they are focussed on investing in other areas of the business.

At some point, the customer will decide that the latest release provides sufficient incentive in terms of the new functionality offered, to go for the upgrade. However, many versions may have come and gone in the interim.

In the meantime, the question we are often asked is “Is my NAV version still supported?”

The first thing to appreciate is that Microsoft will offer 10 years’ support from the initial release date of any version of NAV.

The first 5 years are defined as “mainstream” support. The product development team will continue to release updates and Turnkey can issue support requests directly to Microsoft.

Thereafter for years 6 to 10, the level drops to “extended” support where we can continue to submit support incidents. However, don’t expect any more development changes (unless there’s a security problem when a fix will be issued).

Customers who are current on a service plan (BREP in “Microsoft speak”) can continue to access their benefits through CustomerSource.

These benefits are:

• Previously released Upgrades, Updates, Service Packs, Fixes and Regulatory/Tax Updates
• Self-Help Support through Knowledge Base articles and online content
• Unlimited Online Training

For older versions of NAV, below is a graphic of the latest position in terms of Microsoft support status. But remember, overriding all of this is the support that we provide to the user.

There is no end-date on that.

However, in order to support customers who want to upgrade, we have an option to provide a finance package to spread the costs over a one or two year period.

We can also discuss some upcoming discounted deals on moving NAV to a cloud based subscription model.

The most appropriate upgrade route will differ for each NAV customer. So, talk to us first, understand your options and make an informed decision.

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