What’s the best Document Distribution add-on for Business Central?

At Turnkey, we want to ensure our customers have the best business software in place to maximise efficiencies. The two main document management solutions we offer are Continia or Spindle, both of which integrate with Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Continia offers a range of tools that add value to document management, whereas Spindle focuses on document distribution. Let’s take a look at the stand-alone benefits for Continia Document Output (CDO) and Spindle Document Distribution.

Selecting the best solution for your business will be dependant on what you want to achieve. For example, is integration to Sharepoint critical? If so then Spindle may suit best. If you prefer a tool that is built into Business Central, Continia ticks that box.

Pros of Spindle Document Distribution

  1. Can be used with Jet Reports to create and distribute customised reports
  2. Compatible with Microsoft Office 365
  3. Correct document template chosen for different customer or supplier groups based on dimension codes
  4. Automatically archive documents to a specified network location, SharePoint or Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  5. Automatically adds Pay Now buttons to invoices, pro forma invoices, and statements for secure online payments via Worldpay
  6. Supports multi-currency payments
  7. No fax function (do we even use that anymore? )LOL icon


Pros of Continia Document Output (CDO)

  1. Email log – show email log from customers, vendor, quote, order, and posted documents
  2. All users can access the functionality offered by Continia
  3. Continia works with job queues for unattended access
  4. Continia is built within 365 Business Central
  5. Email templates are easy to set up by any user
  6. With Continia you get the ability to choose the option to open in outlook or direct send, or print in the same set of buttons
  7. Easy multi-language or dimension specific templates for emails
  8. No additional software to install on clients, print drivers require admin rights when using spindle
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Other functionality from Continia Document Output

Below are two documents that compare functionality in Continia Document Output with Microsoft Business Central 2020 (BC17) and Dynamics NAV 2018.

It’s worth noting that the standard functionality within Business Central will allow users to do the task at hand, however, if you are working with large quantities of documents, then the addition of a document output or distribution software is worth considering.

Get in touch with our team to discover the best option to suit your business.

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